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Billy Khan - Hamauon Khan - IT Consultant

If you have ever played DOOM – an award-winning first-person shooter video game, then chances are that you have also heard about Billy Khan who is the Lead Project Programmer of DOOM. Billy has been in the IT for more than 17 years and has worked with numerous blockbuster franchises. DOOM 2016, Wolfenstein, Halo Wars, DOOM 3-BFG, The New Order, Age of Empires, Age of Mythology are to name a few.
Here are some qualities that Billy thinks have made him the man he is today:

He Is Disciplined:

Billy is disciplined and is always focused on making his business work by eliminating any hurdles between him and his goals. He has sharp strategies and is brilliant enough to outline the required tactics. He is disciplined enough to take steps every day to accomplish his objectives.

He Is Confident:

Billy Khan has never questioned his abilities and always believes in only one thing: success. The word “failure” isn’t in his dictionary. He is confident with the knowledge he has and exudes his confidence in everything he does, making him an example for the new generation of programmers.

He Is Open To New Ideas:

Being open-minded enables you to absorb new ideas from your surrounding and build your project around them. Billy is well and truly aware of the fact that every event is a business opportunity. He has the ability to look at everything, inspect all its aspects and focus it towards his goals.

He Is Competitive:

Billy is a competitive guy and knows that the only way to success is doing better than his competitors out there. He wants to win at the sport he plays and the business he creates. And by looking at his track record, you would know that his competitiveness is what that always pushes him towards new heights.

He Is Creative:

If we were to define creativity, it would be something like: “The ability to connect seemingly unrelated dots or event.” And to say that Billy Khan has it in abundance wouldn’t be wrong at all. He often comes up with solutions which are beyond the imagination of an average person and, which seem to be the synthesis of other items.

He Has A Strong Work Ethic:

It is famous about Billy that he is the first to arrive at the office and the last one to leave. He will also come in on off days to ensure the desired outcome in a timely manner. Whether its work hours or not, his mind is always at work, and it shows up with his success.

Above All, He Is Passionate:

To top it all, Billy Khan has the passion for what he does. He genuinely loves his work and is always willing to put in those extra few hours to make this project a success. He does so by reading and researching his ways towards the accomplishment of his goals.
You can find him on:
Twitter as – @billykhan
LinkedIn as – Billy Khan