Collaborative Consumption for Sustainable Future in the Eyes of Billy Khan

Accessing New Trends by Billy Khan Crawley
October 15, 2017
Sharing will bring Sustainability – Hamaoun Khan
October 15, 2017

Collaborative consumption is one of the fundamental interests that have been undermined for several decades, but in the current scenario, it is imperative to neglect this aspect. However, this paper looks to discuss the importance of collaborative consumption or in the more straightforward manner shared economy that can help us in achieving sustainable future. Billy Khan, one of the most renowned financial advisor, has linked this concept to the future growth of the companies that focus on the concept of sharing. Billy Khan Crowley is a professional financial consultant and is an advocate of collaborative consumption.

The concept of sharing among human beings has always been an important aspect which is given immense importance recently due to the changing global trends. The world has witnessed a lot of transformations and as suggested by Billy Khan is also known as Hamaoun Khan indicates that with the changing patterns of globalization a new concept referred as collaborative consumption emerged as the dominant point of discussion. Collaborative consumption is an aspect which is fuelled by the shared economy and has been a critical aspect that remained under debate for last couple decades now.

The transformations in technology have forced the world to assimilate innovation quite rapidly. The pace of change has also made the access of people to various facilities and products difficult. To respond to such critical situation, Billy Khan and other economists highlighted the importance that collaborative consumption hold. The Internet has been providing technical support to the people globally, whereas the advent of smartphones has also done wonders for people across the globe. Such innovations have made it somewhat essential for the world to move towards the shared economy and adopt collaborative consumption as suggested by Mr. Billy Khan Crawley. Organizations are also playing a remarkable role towards promoting collaborative consumption and achieving sustainability.

As of late, we are observing the buzz about the shared economy that is proliferating and has been a key point of discussion for everyone especially the youth around the world. Mr. Hamauon Khan suggests that it is important for the world leaders to recognize the fact that through collaborative consumption they can create a shared economy that can facilitate the world with multiple benefits and leads us towards sustainable future. Besides, that discussions are going around aiming to assess and identify alternative ways and methods to work and find new opportunities. Therefore, Billy Khan clearly highlights the need for collaborative consumption that can guide the world towards a more sustainable future is growing and becoming inevitable.

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